budapest gypsy orchestra by Dave Kelbie

Tcha Limberger was born into a family of musicians. His grandfather was violinist and his father a guitarist. He started playing in his father’s band “De Piottos’ first of course and later became the rhythm guitarist of Waso.


When he was seventeen, he started to play violin, inspired by stories of his grandfather, and recordings from Hungarian Toki Horvath. He split with the Orchestra De Piotto’s, and made a trio with his father Vivi and his uncle Biske Limberger. A year later, they started a band named “Romani” with Koen de Cauter and two of his sons Dajo, Viv.


In Budapest on tour Tcha decided to return there again to learn the Gypsy music of Budapest.

He learned Hungarian, and when he was twenty-three, he arrived in Budapest and studied for eighteen months with Horvath Bela.

Tcha LImberger & Budapest Gypsy Orchestra


It exposes the Budapest born music known as Magyar Nota which literally means Hungarian Song.

About the music I intend to play: to start of with, this music deserves to be re-appreciated in it’s essential form and for that reason I don’t intend to create a new style immediately. It should again be played by musicians who really want to play it. Of course, we will not try to sound like a Gypsy band out of 1920, but also we’ll not play current versions either. I would like to bring all these elements together that made me want to study this music, that still inspires me, even when it seems to be dead already.



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